Apr 15, 2009

Brigadeiro, Brazilian Sweetheart

It is almost unanimous: 9 of every 10 Brazilians will start their sentence with hmmm when asked about brigadeiros. The famous typical sweet from Brazil is made of condensed milk, butter and chocolate powder. Some recipes add honey, milk or heavy cream. In the shape of tiny balls, they are covered with chocolate sprinkles and are a constant presence at children's parties. The love of it starts in childhood and comes from the Brazilian taste for very sweet treats.
In NYC you can buy them in Little Brazil. One great place that sells it is Emporium Brazil Restaurant, on 46th St. There, brigadeiros are available by unit or as chocolate cake toppings, in the also famous “Bolo de Brigadeiro”. Both absolutely Brazilian and delicious.

15 W 46th St
(212) 764-4646‎

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