Apr 30, 2009

Italian Ice Cream

And the moment we’ve been waiting for….ice cream season! Here are three wonderful places to have Italian style ice cream:

With two locations, one in the Upper West Side and another in the West Village, Grom is an Italian brand who started in Turin in 2003 and later expanded to Paris, Tokyo and New York. Last summer lines could reach 90 feet long.
2165, Broadway (and 76th) (212) 362 1837
233, Bleecker Street (and Carmine)(212) 206 1738

This American style shop offers an amazing selection of Italian style ice cream, ranging from sorbets to creamy and milky flavors. With a very efficient staff, lines during summer move fast and the shop stays open until 1am.
272 Bleecker St.
(212) 414-1795

Sant Ambroeus
An Italian restaurant who also serves delicious ice cream at their balcony. Originally from Milan, Sant Ambroeus was established in 1936. Their two celebrated spots in NYC, in the Upper East side and West Village, are a trendy address for lunch, dinner, coffee and ice cream!
1000 Madison Ave
(212) 570-2211
259 W 4th St, New York
(212) 604-9254

Shake Shack

Located at Madison Square Park, Shake Shack has a great atmosphere and it's a good option if you are looking for a satisfying meal. Don't feel guilty and go for the shackburger or the New York hot dog with crisps french fries. And if you are a chocoholic, don't forget to ask for a shack attack, made with a delicious chocolate custard and a hot fudge sauce, chocolate truffle cookies and a valrhona chocolate chunks, otherwise, you will have to face that huge line again. If you want to save time, check the webcam on the site.

Shake Shack
at Madison Avenue and 23rd Street
(212) 889-6600

Apr 22, 2009

Au Revoir La Goulue

One of New York’s favorite French restaurants will close its doors this June 24th. Apparently, the landlord is to blame for not renewing the lease. Always a stage for celebrity and Upper East siders, La Goulue was established on Madison Avenue and 64th St in 1972 and has since pleased Jackie Kennedy and Catherine Deneuve among others. Glamour apart, this Parisian style bistro has a helpful (and French!) staff, as well as the best Profiteroles in town - drowned in a rich chocolate sauce and filled with creamy vanilla ice cream.
The good news is that La Goulue owners plan to reopen at a new spot. Meanwhile, run to grab you last bite!

746 Madison Avenue
(212) 988 8169

Apr 16, 2009


When the best French Chef in NY says something, just do it! Mentioned by Chef Daniel Boulud in a recent lecture, this small and elegant restaurant with only ten tables is located on Lexington Avenue and 92nd Street on the Upper East Side. The Owners Ron Suhanosky and his baker wife Collen keep the tradition alive by offering simply yet savory Italian dishes. The desserts can definitely be shared and the tarts of the day are amazing. But if you want to keep the tradition go for the bread pudding made with raisins and served with a delicate touch of creme anglaise.

Sfoglia Trattoria
1402 Lexington Avenue
(212) 831-1402

Apr 15, 2009

Brigadeiro, Brazilian Sweetheart

It is almost unanimous: 9 of every 10 Brazilians will start their sentence with hmmm when asked about brigadeiros. The famous typical sweet from Brazil is made of condensed milk, butter and chocolate powder. Some recipes add honey, milk or heavy cream. In the shape of tiny balls, they are covered with chocolate sprinkles and are a constant presence at children's parties. The love of it starts in childhood and comes from the Brazilian taste for very sweet treats.
In NYC you can buy them in Little Brazil. One great place that sells it is Emporium Brazil Restaurant, on 46th St. There, brigadeiros are available by unit or as chocolate cake toppings, in the also famous “Bolo de Brigadeiro”. Both absolutely Brazilian and delicious.

15 W 46th St
(212) 764-4646‎

Apr 9, 2009

Pâtisserie Claude

When the French owner and chef Claude decided to retire and close Pâtisserie Claude the entire West Village panicked. Some people worried about missing their wonderful croissants, brioches, palmiers, éclairs and mille-feuilles bought up as much as they could. The story has a happy ending as his long time assistant Pablo took over the shop and continues the tradition.
Located on West 4th St. between 6th Avenue and 7th Avenue this modest pastry shop in the middle of tattoo places and tacky T-shirt stores doesn’t win you over until you enter its doors and the scent of the delicacies rising in the oven overwhelms you.

187 W. 4th St.From 8 am to 8 pm
(212) 255-5911

Apr 1, 2009

Baking in School

The French Culinary Institute and The Institute of Culinary Education are NY’s best culinary schools. You can either study to become a pastry chef or take amateur classes. From tarts to chocolate truffles, croissants, cakes and cookies, their hands-on courses teach you (in a fun and delicious way) how to bake marvelous sweets in as quickly as 1 week.

The French Culinary Institute
462 Broadway

The Institute of Culinary Education
50 W 23rd St.