Feb 25, 2009

French Toast From the Brick Oven

Here’s what you’re going to do: go to Blue Ribbon Bakery, sit down, ask for a glass of water and go immediately downstairs. Come then back to the table where now the same bread you just saw coming out of the oven downstairs and whose smell you went crazy about is waiting for you. Thanks to the discovery of a 135 year old abandoned brick oven located in the basement of what used to be a closed bodega, everything is made at Blue Ribbon - who opened at this location in 1997 - from the Ciabbata to the Challah or the Raising Nut Bread French Toast. This last one comes with fresh berries and Vermont maple syrup butter.

33 Bedford St.
(212) 242-1086

Feb 21, 2009

Chocolate Blind Test

Let's be honest, sometimes you eat a piece of chocolate and you love it just because you're craving for any chocolate. Or you go to an amazing chocolate shop and everything there is so pretty, from the counter to the boxes that you could even eat the packaging. Last week I invited friends from different ages and nationalities to take a Blind Test of chocolates from the 7 chocolate shops in NYC that are in my opinion the best ones.
These are the brands analyzed by the brave participants:
La Maison du Chocolat, Pierre Marcolini, L'Atelier du Chocolat, Vosges Haut-Chocolat, MarieBelle, Jacques Torres and Kee's Chocolates

And the winners are:
(and we only have winners here)

The Excellents
Pierre Marcolini
L'Atelier du Chocolat
Kee's Chocolates
Jacques Torres

The Very Good
La Maison du Chocolat

The Good
Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Feb 13, 2009

Save Room for Dessert

Desserts aren’t usually something that you think of when going to a Japanese restaurant but don’t forget about it when going to Matsuri. Not only it is an excellent excuse to spend a few more minutes appreciating the beautiful decoration of its high ceiling salon but it is also like having the best of Japan and France in the same meal.

Don’t miss the fabulous Banana Tart with chocolate ice cream. The bananas are delicately caramelized, the tart is filled with a soft crème patissier and the chocolate ice cream tastes like a chocolate mousse. Finalize with their selection of teas and special sakes.

363 W 16th Street


Feb 4, 2009

The Little Owl

Walking in the neighborhood of The Little Owl is part of the experience of eating there itself. Historical landmark houses and small streets full of trees and silence are some of the characteristics of this charming part of West Village around Bedford St. and Grove St. Curiosity: Little Owl's building is the site of the fictional home of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
The entire menu is absolutely delicious but since I’m focusing on desserts I shall recommend the Pear Crisp: caramelized pears covered with a crunchy crust and with Vanilla ice cream on the side. Eat slowly; each spoon is a little piece of heaven.

The Little Owl
90 Bedford Street