May 6, 2009


Back to chemistry class! This was how I felt dining at wd~50. The awarded chef Wylie Dufresne applies his cutting edge culinary techniques playing with ingredients textures and flavors. So many dishes to describe, that I am going to pick the favorites of the table. The famous reinterpretation of Eggs Benedict, where the yolk is cooked very slowly to intensify the color and taste and the hollandaise sauce is frozen in cubes, breaded in English muffins and then deep-fried, resulting in a extraordinary experience. At the end, we had a tasting of three desserts where the winner was the soft chocolate cylinders with peppermint ice cream and coconut foam. A good tip now is the Bacchus Bail Out, 50% off every bottle of wine when having a tasting menu.

50 Clinton Street
(212) 477-2900

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