Mar 12, 2009

NY's Best and Sweetest Kept Secret

Eric Girerd is a 3rd generation chocolatier from Annecy, France. After many years working in 3 star Michelin restaurants around the world he decided to come to New York and bring his recipes and creativity with the purest cocoa and the best ingredients.In his charming L’Atelier du Chocolat store on 22nd St between 5th and 6th avenues he offers the most amazing chocolates in New York. From the crunchy dark Chocolate Caviar sold in beautiful transparent tubes to the delicate bonbons with more than 30 different fillings and the incredible chic brown boxes, everything in the store is special and unique.
This is for sure NY’s best and sweetest kept secret (until now).

L’Atelier du Chocolat
59 West 22nd Street
(212) 243-0033

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Xaa said...

que caixa bonita!!
bjs e sucesso Natha!