Jul 6, 2009

Dylan's Candy Bar

This store is a dream come true for children around the world, actually not only children, parents also go crazy. They have the most delightful assortment of candy ever. Owned by Dylan (Ralph Lauren's daughter), who was inspired by the colors from her childhood memory when she saw her father doing all those cashmere sweaters and colored shirts. The store has a private party room, party favors, fashion apparel and the latest addition, beauty products. In the summer, the line for the ice cream is long and requires patience, but take the chance and go, it’s delicious. Also, sit down and take a moment to enjoy the thrill and happiness shown in every kid's eyes while choosing which Candy to taste first. It's a nice way to escape "grown up" issues for a brief period of time.

Dylan's Candy Bar
1011 3rd Avenue
(646) 735-0078

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